Jiffy™ Natural Composite System

Ceramic Adjusters and Polishers

The Jiffy Natural Composite finishing and polishing systems consist of malleable spiral-shaped wheels that naturally conform to all tooth surfaces and twirl-shaped polishers that perfectly polish occlusal surfaces.

  • Easily recreates the luster of natural enamel
  • Specially formulated Ultradent diamond grit gives a beautiful finish on any composite material
  • Complete procedural kit includes medium and fine spiral wheels, and occlusal twirl polishers—everything you need to achieve an esthetic finish in one place
  • Ideal for finishing Ultradent’s Mosaic™ universal composite
Jiffy natural composite tips set

A Natural, Esthetic Finish on Any Composite Restoration

Easily recreate the luster of natural enamel with Jiffy Natural composite polishers. Able to conform to any tooth surface, including occlusal surfaces, Jiffy Natural polishers are perfect for any composite restoration. Using a specially formulated diamond grit, they will give a beautiful finish to any composite material. Designed to work together with the Jiffy Original composite system, with the full Jiffy line you’ll have everything you need to achieve a natural, high-quality, esthetic finish in one place.

Dr. Lou Graham

“Whether buccal, occlusal or interproximal, so efficient, so easily done, I love these spirals.”

–Dr. Lou Graham

Jiffy Natural Composite Tips
Jiffy original composite tips set

Composite Finishing and Polishing Systems

Don’t shortcut any finish—equip yourself with the best finishing system for composite restorations.

  • Excellent for contouring, finishing and polishing composites
  • Perfect for Mosaic™ composite
  • Durable, dependable, and efficient
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Jiffy universal tips set

Universal Ceramic Adjusting and Polishing Systems

The Jiffy™ Universal ceramic adjusting and polishing system is perfect for any type of ceramic material.

  • Universal application on ceramic materials
  • Specially formulated diamond grit
  • Durable, dependable, and efficient
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