Jiffy™ Spin

Shaping and Finishing Disks

The Jiffy™ Spin shaping and finishing disk system finishes high-quality restorations. The ultra-thin disks are perfect for interproximal finishing and shaping.

Aluminum oxide coated disks range from coarse to fine for smoothing and polishing, plus a disk unique to the Jiffy Spin shaping and finishing system: a diamond grit extra-coarse disk for rapid shaping and gross removal.

  • Ultra-thin disks are perfect for interproximal finishing and shaping
  • Diamond grit disk is for rapid shaping and gross removal
  • Stainless steel, multi-use mandrels
  • For use in a pulling or pushing motion
  • Suitable for use on composite and ceramic materials
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Rapid, Efficient Shaping and Finishing

Achieve an esthetic restoration—at a smart price—rapidly and efficiently. The Jiffy™ Spin system smooths and finishes a restoration when the complete series is followed.

Ultra-thin disks range from coarse to fine, with an aluminum oxide coating. The extra-coarse disk with a diamond grit is for even faster removal; so that the transition to finer grits puts that extra flourish on your finish. This set puts a shine on both composite and ceramic materials, and provides the long-lasting shine expected of the Jiffy™ product line.

Interproximal Reach and More With Ultra-Thin Disks

The Jiffy™ Spin disk's ultra-thin design can fit anywhere a restoration needs to be shaped and finished quickly. Those precarious interproximal regions can now be quickly taken care of.

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Unique Diamond Grit Finishes Faster

Unique to the Jiffy™ Spin set is the Extra-coarse diamond grit head. Only this specially formulated diamond grit disk was made thin enough for rapid shaping and gross removal in the interproximal area. You’ll be zipping through both ceramic and composite restorations in no time.

Dr. Brett Richins

“The Extra-coarse disk is a unique product that I absolutely love having around. It allows me to make large adjustments to the length or contour of a restoration quickly, predictably, and with only one disk. Before I started using the Extra-coarse disk I would often have to use several disks if I was doing multiple anterior restorations.”

– Dr. Brett Richins

Complete Your Restoration Toolkit

The Jiffy™ Spin system shortens chair time without sacrificing quality for price.

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Additional Products to Consider

Jiffy™ Universal Ceramic Adjusting and Polishing System

Achieve a beautiful and high-quality, natural esthetic finish to any ceramic restoration.

  • Universal application on ceramic materials
  • Eliminates need for multiple adjusters and polishers
  • Achieves a smooth, high-gloss finish on any ceramic material
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Jiffy™ Original Composite Finishing and Polishing System

Don’t shortcut any finish—equip yourself with the best finishing system for composite restorations.

  • Excellent for contouring, finishing, and polishing composites
  • Perfect to use on Mosaic™ or Transcend™ composites
  • Durable, dependable, and efficient
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