PermaShade™ LC

Light-Cure Veneer Luting Resin

PermaShade LC luting resin is a light-cured luting resin used exclusively for cementing translucent prosthetics where light cans transmit and shade matching is important. Its ergonomic contra-angle syringe makes luting delicate prosthetics more convenient than other delivery methods. With enduring color stability and low shrinkage, PermaShade LC luting resin is ideal for creating a long-lasting, esthetic smile.

  • Unsurpassed low shade shift1
  • Medium viscosity keeps veneer from drifting prior to cure
  • Use for porcelain, zirconia, composite, and other indirect veneers

Independent Study

Independent university tests confirm PermaShade LC luting resin showed no perceptible shade shift after an accelerated aging process.1 Light-cured resins tend to be more color stable due to the addition of non-aromatic aliphatic amines, which are resistant to oxidation. ΔE shade shift is less than 3. (3 or higher is visible to the human eye.)

  1. Barghi N, Gureckis KM, McAlister T. Color stability of two luting resins. J Dent Res. 90(Spec Iss A):1685, 2011 (