• Ease-In-Shields protective loupe inserts are here!

    July 2024

    Protect your vision during laser and curing light procedures. Ease-In-Shields inserts are designed to sit comfortably behind your loupes to give you the best protection.

  • HBD to Opalescence™ Teeth Whitening Products!

    July 2024

    You've got birthday prices to browse, because we want you to celebrate with us! Use code OPALBDAY today to save through July 31, 2024.

  • New Ultracare flavor now in Bubble Gum!

    May 2024

    Ultracare Topical anesthetic gel is now available in both Ultradent's famous Walterberry flavor and our brand new Bubble Gum flavor, with no bitter aftertaste!

  • Do more with your VALO™ dental laser! New lenses now available!

    April 2024

    From precision tack curing to eye protection, there’s a VALO lens or light shield to help you achieve beautiful results. Transform your VALO into a versatile powerhouse with our accessories. Explore the possibilities!

  • When you purchase any Gemini™ diode laser, you’ll now get access to Ultradent’s exclusive dental laser CE training!

    March 2024

    The perks just keep getting better and better! Take your office to the next level with a Gemini™ diode laser today, worth up to 5 CE credits!

  • You asked, and we listened! New Carrying Case for Gemini™ Lasers!

    March 2024

    Your Gemini™ or Gemini™ EVO diode laser deserves the best protection, and we’ve designed a carrying case that fits the bill.

  • Our UltraQuick sale is here, offering exclusive deals on essential dental supplies!

    March 2024

    Don't miss out on these limited-time offers crafted just for you. Seize the savings by March 31st before they disappear!

  • The Early Black Friday Sale is LIVE!

    November 2023

    Get 20% OFF select products (UE Members get 25% OFF). Use promo code EARLYBF23 at checkout. Tuesday & Wednesday November 21st & 22nd

  • Ultradent’s Peak™ Universal Bond adhesive is now available in a convenient unit dose delivery option.

    July 2023

    Everyone’s favorite dental adhesive just got an upgrade! See how Ultradent is working hard to make your job as a dental professional better than ever.

  • Transcend™ universal composite is here!

    June 2023

    Upgrade your composite restorations with Transcend composite’s unprecedented shade matching technology. Did we mention that with this product, there’s no need for a blocker?

  • You’ve asked for it, and it’s finally here! Ultradent’s Ultrapro™ Cordless handpiece!

    June 2023

    Designed to make your experience as a dental professional—and your patients’—even better.

  • Meet Jiffy™ Spin disks, the newest member of the Jiffy system lineup!

    June 2023

    The ultra-thin disks are perfect for interproximal finishing and shaping, and as a bonus, they’re suitable for use on composite and ceramic materials.

  • Look who’s turning 10! Don't miss the Opalescence™ birthday sale, ending July 31!

    July 2023

    Celebrate with savings on Opalescence™ teeth whitening products.

  • Ultradent’s first cordless, handheld, motorized impression gun is here!

    May 2023

    Featuring an innovative anti-drip mechanism, the BFC3™ motorized impression gun is your ticket to improved dental impressions.

  • Your Ultradent Account Dashboard has been upgraded!

    March 2023

    We’ve upgraded your Ultradent account dashboard to make it easier to access all the tools you need to manage your account. Read more…

    After logging in, click on “Account” in the upper right-hand corner to access your Ultradent account dashboard. Here you have easy access to a wide variety of account features including your:

    • Current Ultradent Elite status and progress,
    • Local account representative name, picture, and contact information,
    • Recent order history and returns,
    • “Pay My Bill” access,
    • Account notifications, and more!

    Check back often to view recent notifications and access new features as they become available.

  • New Feature: Rotating Homepage Banners

    January 2023

    Cycle through multiple promotions on our homepage by clicking the right and left arrows or selecting a dot at the bottom of the current promotional image. Be sure to check back often for newly added sales and promotions.

  • Reorder

    August 2022

    You can now quickly see the products you've previously purchased and add your favorite products to your cart based on past orders.

  • Search Improvements

    July 2022

    You can now search by whitening, bleaching, bonding, etchants, sealants, retraction cord and many more categories.