HALO Sectional Matrix System product array

Stainless Steel Bands

Use Halo matrix bands to achieve natural contours and reduce the time needed to shape and finish the composite restoration. Available in Original and Firm varieties, Halo matrix bands are right for any restoration.

Halo Bands

  • Anatomical contours reduce time shaping and finishing
  • Ultra-thin 0,038 mm stainless steel
  • Easy to place, manipulate, and remove
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Easy-to-Use Wedges

Halo wedges provide enhanced separation, are stackable, and are color coded for quick and easy selection. Plus, their collapsable center allows for anatomical adaptation of the matrix band.

Halo Wedges

  • Active wedging for enhanced separation
  • Color coded by size for ease of use
  • Stackable
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Durable Nitinol Rings

Strong and flexible, Halo rings can be used many times over while maintaining their force with less fatigue. Their natural contours eliminate flash, so you’ll be done with each restoration in less time.

Halo Rings

  • Contours eliminate flash reducing time finishing and polishing
  • Stackable design for use in MODs and Class II restorations
  • One ring can be used 1000+ times
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HALO Sectional Matrix System

Halo Sectional Matrix Kits

Purchase a Halo sectional matrix kit to get the entire Halo system—bands, wedges, rings, and carousel dispenser—and start creating beautiful restorations in less time. Contact your distributor today!

  • Stay organized with the convenient carousel dispenser
  • Use the full system together and reduce the time you spend on each restoration
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Halo Instruments

Use Halo tweezers and forceps to place, manipulate, and remove each component of the Halo sectional matrix system quickly and easily.

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The Halo matrix system will help you create beautiful, anatomically contoured composite restorations in less time. The use of a contoured matrix, like the Halo matrix, results in a stronger marginal ridge for Class II composite resin restorations compared to restorations completed with straight matrices.2 With the full Halo system, you can achieve the high-quality results both you and your patients desire.

Halo Sectional Matrix System

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Halo Carousel Dispenser

The innovative carousel dispenser is a unique feature of the Halo sectional matrix system. Designed to keep your entire system neat and organized and reduce the likelihood of drops or spills, the carousel dispenser will make your entire procedure easier from set up to clean up.

  • Keeps the entire Halo sectional matrix system neat and organized
  • Carousel design keeps each component in its own separate compartment
  • Transparent lid allows for quick and easy selection of each matrix system component
  • Prevents costly and messy drops or spills
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Learn more about Halo bands

The anatomical contours of the Halo bands are designed to create ideal contacts. This allows you to save time shaping and finishing the restoration. Available in two varieties—Original and Firm—Halo bands are suited for any restoration. Firm matrix bands are also color coded according to size with a Teflon™ coating to help you quickly select the band you need.1

  • Original and firm bands are ultra-thin 0,038 mm stainless steel
  • Teflon™ coating thickness 0,013 mm
  • Easy to place and remove
  • Use original bands for more adaptability
  • Use firm bands for tight interproximal spaces
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Learn more about Halo wedges

The active wedging provided by Halo wedges results in enhanced separation, while the collapsable center is able to anatomically adapt the matrix band to the tooth. They are easy to place and remove using Halo tweezers, and their stackable design allows you to use as many as are needed.

  • Active wedging for enhanced separation
  • Collapsable center adapts matrix band
  • Stackable
  • Color coded by size
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Learn more about Halo rings

The anatomical contouring of the Halo rings helps eliminate flash to save you time finishing and polishing the final restoration. One Halo ring will last for over 1000 procedures thanks to its strong, yet flexible, nitinol construction which maintains its strength with less fatigue over time.

  • Helps eliminate flash to reduce time finishing and polishing
  • Long-lasting nitinol maintains force with less fatigue
  • Fully autoclavable
  • Use one ring 1000+ times
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Step-by-Step Instructions

Download the Halo Placement Guide for simple step-by-step instructions on how to use the entire Halo sectional matrix system.


Halo System Brochure

Still wondering if the Halo system is right for your practice? Download our informational brochure to read and share with your staff and colleagues.


Halo Instructions for Use

Download the Halo sectional matrix system instructions for use (IFU) to read and retain for your records here.

  1. Trademark of a company other than Ultradent Products Inc.
  2. Loomans BAC, Roeters FJM, Opdam NJM, Kuijs RH. The effect of proximal contour on marginal ridge fracture of Class II composite resin restorations. J Dent. 2008;36(10):828–832.