VALO™ X Curing Light Accessories

Get the most out of your VALO X curing light by purchasing spare rechargeable batteries and chargers so you never have to worry about dead batteries and/or additional power supplies and cord adapters to use in each of your operatories. Also available are hygienic VALO X barrier sleeves to keep you and your patients safe.

Accessories for the VALO X curing light include:

  • VALO X rechargeable batteries (2pk)*
  • VALO X battery charger*
  • VALO X power supply with universal plugs: a plug-in power supply option suitable for power outlets from 100 to 240 volts compatible with the VALO X curing light cord adapter and VALO X battery charger
  • VALO X assembled cord adapter: for use with the VALO X power supply so you never have to charge or change any batteries
  • VALO X barrier sleeves: important for keeping your VALO X curing light sanitary. The VALO X barrier sleeve protects your curing light from the patient’s tissues, as well as other chemistries such as etchants, adhesives, etc.

*Caution: only use VALO X branded rechargeable batteries with your VALO X curing light and the VALO X battery charger.