VALO™ Curing Light Accessories

The versatility of the VALO™ and VALO™ Grand broadband LED curing lights are expanded by several functional accessories designed to improve user experience.

Curing light accessories for VALO™, VALO™ Cordless, and VALO™ Grand lights include:

  • Mounting bracket: allows you to mount your VALO™ or VALO™ Grand light wherever you like.
  • Barrier sleeves: highly important for keeping your VALO™ curing light hygienic. The VALO™ barrier sleeve protects the curing light from the patient’s tissues, as well as other chemistry such as etchants.
  • Light shield: acts as a blue light filter, protecting your eyes.
  • Rechargeable VALO™ batteries: only use VALO™ rechargeable batteries with the VALO™ battery charging unit.
  • Battery charging unit: easy and simple to use, the VALO battery charging unit should only be used to charge VALO™ rechargeable batteries.
  • Power supply: instead of using batteries, we also offer a plug-in power supply option suitable for power outlets from 100 to 240 volts.

*Note: The VALO™ battery charging unit should only be used with VALO™ rechargeable batteries.