J-Temp™ Temporary Resin: 4 in 1

Our brand-new product, J-Temp temporary resin, covers a variety of needs—it can be used for four indications! Created by Dr. Jaleena Jessop, it’s another product of Ultradent Products created by dentists, for dentists.

j-temp product

The Multi-Tool Every Office Needs

Temporary Restorations

J-Temp temporary resin can be used to create temporary restorations in endodontics, for inlays and onlays, and cusp buildup.

inlay and onlay
splinting floss

Splinting Between Multiple Implant Copings for Impressions

Use J-Temp temporary resin to build splints between implant copings or with the floss supported technique to help prevent impression distortion.

Provide Structure for Isolation Clamping

Use J-Temp temporary resin to provide structure on teeth to support the clamp and provide a barrier for endodontic irrigants.

structure for isolation
splinting floss

Bite Ramps and Temporary Occlusal Buildups During Orthodontics

J-Temp temporary resin easily creates bite ramps and occlusal buildups to open the patient’s bite and ease orthodontic movement.

Technique Guide:

Want to learn more about all the ways you can use J-Temp temporary resin? Download the technique guide PDF!

See how to use J-Temp temporary resin, step-by-step!

Our step-by-step video shows you how J-Temp temporary resin can replace multiple products in your office. Check it out!

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