ClearTemp™ LC

Temporary Veneer Cement

ClearTemp LC temporary veneer cement is designed specifically for temporary veneers. Its proprietary, light-cured resin formula provides the additional strength required to keep provisional veneers in place. For luting temporary veneers, nothing will hold as strong or look as natural as ClearTemp LC temporary veneer cement.

  • Translucent shade is designed for temporary anterior veneers
  • Light-cured resin formula provides a quality seal and exceptional retention
  • Fluoresces under black light facilitating complete removal
  • Ergonomic contra-angle syringe delivery aids in precise placement

Note: Due to its high bond strength compared to other temporary cements, ClearTemp LC temporary veneer cement should be used for temporary veneers ONLY. We recommend PermaShade LC veneer cement for luting permanent veneers.

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