PermaFlo™ DC

Dual-Cure Composite Luting/Restorative Resin

PermaFlo DC luting resin is a highly filled, small-particle, dual-cure resin that flows easily through a small-orifice tip, making post luting simple and convenient. It has the lowest film thickness of only 9 μm.

PermaFlo DC luting resin is recommended for permanent cementation of transparent or opaque crowns, etc. You can use the same mix and delivery method to lute posts and fabricate core buildups. Its optimal viscosity flows easily into the depths of the post preparation and then intimately around protruding, direct-placed posts. To stop material flow during core buildup, tack with a curing light. PermaFlo DC resin is compatible with Peak Universal Bond adhesive for light-cured bonding and luting.

  • Multiple uses including post cementation, core buildup, and luting
  • Wear resistant
  • Maximum strength
  • Radiopaque
  • Low polymerization shrinkage
  • Self-mixing
  • Redesigned syringe for easy dispensing
  • 2.5 minutes working time, 5–8 minutes chemical set time