Peak™ SE Primer

Self-Etching Primer

Peak SE Primer is a self-etching primer mixed and delivered in the unique JetMix syringe. JetMix technology separates precise quantities of strong acid (pH 1.2) and optimized priming resin to prevent the hydrolytic breakdown and degradation that occurs with other self-etch chemistries. Components are kept separate until the clinician activates them. Peak SE Primer is used prior to Peak Universal Bond adhesive to achieve unsurpassed bond strengths.

Ideal for all light-accessible bonding procedures, the Peak Self-Etch Adhesive System can also be used for immediate dentin sealing prior to impressions and temporization in order to decrease post-op and cementation sensitivity.

  • Top-rated bond strengths by an independent non-profit dental education and product testing institute1
  • Delivers fresh, stable chemistry
  • Easy, one-coat technique
  • Precise and convenient application
  • Eliminates the need for mixing wells or brushes

Refrigerate for optimal shelf life. Stable for 120 days after activation.

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  1. Vargas M. Ultramorphological evaluation of the resin-dentin-enamel interface produced by three proprietary self-etching adhesive systems. 2007. Data on file.